1.     Meets National Curriculum Attainment Targets
The Louis Taylor’s Road Safety Show has been developed on a national scale in partnership with Road Safety Officers and Head Teachers to meet National Curriculum Attainment Targets.
  1.    Part of a progressive programme of road safety education
The objective of the show is to reinforce work which is carried out before and after the show, as part of a progressive programme of road safety education
For younger children, we offer attractive resources to be used in schools and taken home afterwards.
  1.         Flexible Programmes
We normally present two shows per day, but at larger schools, or schools which combine Nursery, Infants or Juniors on one site, three or four shows per day can be presented.
  1.    Seen by more that 1 million children
Since it’s inception, the show has been presented in many counties and boroughs, including Yorkshire, Kent, London, Windsor & Maidenhead, South Gloucestershire, Bracknell, West Berkshire, Reading and Bristol.
Which gives you assurance that it is a tried and tested, effective and very popular show.